Christmas 2019 - Christmas Appeal

During the final quarter of 2019, Your Aged Care at Home joined forces with many organisations across Sydney to help bring Christmas joy to disadvantaged families with little or no support to make ends meet.


Many of the families that required assistance varied from groups such as refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, financially disadvantaged, the elderly as well as disability groups.

28th June 2019 - June "Flu Bank" Friday

On Friday 28th of June we held our end of Month Food Bank Friday.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia Bankstown has kindly supported this event again with the donation of non-perishable food as well as assistance packing and serving the community.

A special mention goes to Muntaha and her husband, refugees from Northern Iraq for also volunteering their time to making the day a success. Food parcels and winter supplies were packed and taken to her refugee group as well as the Hope of Nations church.

20th June 2019 - Annual Jani Event sponsored by Bunnings Greenacre

On the 20th of June we held our Annual Jani Lunch for clients and their families as well as our staff and guests.

Everyone was treated to a 3 course meal as well as some traditional Latvian singing.

Kathy from Bunnings Greenacre donated gifts to the clients which made the day even more special.

31st May 2019 - Winter Event (Food Bank Friday)

On Friday 31st of May we held our end of Month Food Bank Friday.

During our event we had a special guest Pranita Douya, Business Owner of Moorebank Amcal Pharmacy supporting the local community about the dangers of winter and how to get your vaccinations against influenza.

In addition, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Bankstown Centro Branch Manager, Mahmoud Kanj visited Your Aged Care at Home to present their community grant in support of our charity works.

3rd May 2019 - Diamond Women's Support

Diamond Women's Support will be having their Mother's Day Low Tea on Saturday the 11th of May.

Your Aged Care at Home will be supporting the event with special Mother's Day gift bags (pictures).

More information can be found on their website:

26th April 2019 - Mother's Day Event (Food Bank Friday)

On Friday the 26th of April, Your Aged Care at Home held a special Mother's Day Charity Event.

During this event, we gave out special Mother's Day gift packs to local Mother's who are struggling with day to day essentials.

Watch our short video clip to see highlights of the event!

Keep tuned as there is more to come this Mother's Day.

21st April 2019 - Easter Sunday Donations

On Easter Sunday 2019; Your Aged Care at Home visited multiple Churches to donate collected Easter Eggs from our Annual Easter Event to disadvantaged and refugee children.


A big thank you goes out to Karen G and Theresa L for their efforts on this day to support these Churches.

Pictured is Hope of Nations Church in Smithfield as well as EFKS Moorebank Church and EFKS Preston Sunday School.

They appreciated the donation and were very thankful for the Easter Eggs.

10th-21st April 2019 - Kids Cricket Bats

Many thanks to Sonali Gupta (Pictured) from Mortdale Cricket Club for their donation of junior cricket bats and balls!


These have been distributed to children with disabilities and refugee kids from Hope of Nations Church.


Pictured below is Toddlers Ink ( in Greenacre as well as refugee children from Hope of Nations Church.

29th March 2019 - Annual Easter Event

On Friday the 29th of March 2019, we held our Annual Easter Event during our regular Food Bank Friday.

Easter Eggs were kindly donated by our support workers, as well as, The Reject Shop, Kmart Bankstown and McArthur. These eggs will be donated to refugee groups as well as a few local churches this Easter.

Aged Care Manager - Allan Wakefield was interviewed during this special event so be sure to watch the video.

Pictured is Operations Manager Izzy from Your Aged Care at Home and Allan Wakefield from McArthur.

1st March 2019 - Kids Toy Drive

On Friday the 1st of March 2019, we held a special Kids Toys and school supplies drive during our regular Food Bank Charity Event.

Toys and School supplies were kindly donated to the public as well the Hope of Nations Arabic Church.

Our Managing Director Heather Pooloo was interviewed during this special event so be sure to watch the video.

Pictured is our Support Worker Anna with Ralph from the Church.

16th January 2019 - Radio 2Moro

Your Aged Care at Home was live on Radio 2Moro on the 16th of January!!

Watch the live stream from their FaceBook site "Sawtelghad Australia"

Heather and Izzy explain what Your Aged Care At Home is all about as well as the newly launched Food Bank Friday initiative.

20th December 2018 - Bunnings Greenacre Sponsored Christmas Party

Your Aged Care at Home hosted its Client Christmas Party for on the 20th of December.


In addition to our clients, we were also joined by local members of the Latvian community as well as all of our staff and their families.

It was a great event with many stories being shared and gifts being exchanged.


Our local Bunnings Greenacre also dropped by for a visit accompanied by Santa Claus to hand out gifts to everyone in attendance.


We are looking forward to hosting this event next year for Christmas and many more years to come!

14th December 2018 - Hope of Nations Arabic Church

Pictured is Pastor Ashraf and Ralph from Hope of Nations Arabic church at Smithfield. 

Your Aged Care at Home assisted this Community outreach by donating two deliveries of toiletries, bedding and Food from our Foodbank programme to a group of refugees the Church look after as part of our Community Charity Campaign.

These gentlemen assist and support new refugees from Syria and Iraq who are receiving some assistance from Centrelink.

The Hope of Nations Arabic Church provides lunch at the church and organize social outings at parks and had a big demand over the Christmas period.

The contribution was greatly appreciated by the Church and are in need of support from the Food Bank program to continue assisting those people as well as donations.

Pastor Ashraf and Ralph continue to need our help and donations can be directed to Your Aged Care at Home or directly to the church.

3rd December 2018 - Refugee Charity Drop

Pictured is Pastor Sami Youkhana who is doing great work with refugees from Northern Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

As demands are high at Christmas, we were able to pass on some KINDLY DONATED parcels as well as a gift of 6 coffee sets to support some of the refugee families and singles he looks after at Hoxton Park.

We also passed on Information about accessing the Home Care Packages Programme as well as the National Disability Scheme in both English and Arabic.

30th November 2018 - Food Bank Open Day #2

Your Aged Care at Home held its second Food Bank Open Day just before the Christmas season to help support the local community here at Bankstown. Tables were setup and over 50 food parcels were assembled for distribution to the public.

Remaining parcels were kindly distributed at the Riverwood Public Housing Estate where many residents struggle to make ends meet.

Additionally, Grant Duong (Podiatrist/Director) of the Triumph Institute at Bankstown attended the event to also help support the local community. The Triumph Institute excels in providing specialised health services as well as education, immigration and law. Find out more here:

9th November 2018 - Food Bank Open Day

Your Aged Care at Home held its first Food Bank open day on Friday 9th of November 2018.

We set up our tables outside the office with over 400kg of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, juice and much more.

The event was held to support the local aged and disability community here at Bankstown.

Later that evening we transported the remaining food parcels for distribution at Riverwood Public Housing Estate. All recipients were extremely grateful.

Your Aged Care at Home | Food Bank Event
9th November 2018 - Bunnings Greenacre Client Dontation

A huge thank you to Bunnings Greenacre for their generous donation of a portable air conditioning unit to one of our clients!

Mr Ali's health has been impacted by the recent heatwaves and was unable to afford to buy his own air conditioning unit.

Bunnings were generous enough to donate the product towards his cause and with the assistance of Reda from UDS (Ultimate Disability Services), he also had it installed in his house free of charge.

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